Evolution of a Logo: Diva Photos

Nicole Rosen is the owner of Diva Photos. She has two different photography services with this business name. First, she has a photo booth that she rents out for weddings or other special events. The second service is portraiture photography. Therefore, we had to combine and convey the two different styles and energies. The photo booth is playful, fun. Portraiture is more traditional, elegant, and even glamorous depending on the shoot.

We wanted to emphasize the fun of the photo booth props while including something masculine for her potential male clients for her portraiture work. The glittery letters scream diva! We chose an art deco font as the mustache style of the prop is of that era and the same era were the glory days of Hollywood, which is the perfect, subtle connection to ‘Diva’. For the back size of the business card, we used the photo strip style to frame a photo of Nicole, the owner, repeating the purpose of her business. You’ll notice in the final design for the back side of the card, we stripped the logo to just the logo text to make it more elegant and diva-like.

For fun, we mixed it up with the lips and mustaches on the other pieces, especially the backs of envelopes and letterhead. Future projects will include photo booth frame templates, senior portrait marketing materials, and Christmas card designs.

We achieved the goal without following any trends. Her logo will certainly stand out among her competition and hopefully be very memorable.

Visit Diva Photos online.

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23 Nov 2016

By Rhonda Negard