Spring Yard Chores

Spring (and the rain) has arrived in the Pacific Northwest.  Already we are seeing some of the early flowers and weeds popping up.  Now is the time to start thinking about the health and beauty of your yard.  Even in the most basic yard, there is more to be done then just mowing and edging. Febuary was the time to prune for the best health and crop from the fruit trees, March is finish all moss controll and last minute tree pruning, and through the end of April is a great time to renovate the lawns.


Here are some of the services that we recommend to be done in the spring


  1. Power Raking - (also known as thatching) is done to remove dead grass and moss from the lawn.  This gives your lawn space to stretch its roots as well as lets more water get down in to the root.  This along with aeration and over seeding is the most environmentally friendly way to set your lawn up for a great season. 


  1. Aeration – Is done in the Spring to ready the ground for over seeding, promote a healthy lawn, conserve water, and take full advantage of any fertilizing.  Remember to leave those plugs in the yard!


  1. Over seeding – Is done for lawns that aren’t dense, have bear spots from moss, high traffic, etc.  Winter can be hard on lawns and sometimes they need a tune up.  Just make sure to not let any traffic on to those spots you have overseeded until after they grow in


  1. Liming – Is done for lawns that are failing due to high acidity.  The rain in the pacific northwest is very acidic.  After a whole winter of being poured on, your yard needs some sweeting up and lime is the best way to do this.   


  1. Fertilizing – We recommend a 1-1-1 slow release formula for spring time.


  1. Weed Control – This can be done manually or with the help of herbicides to prevent weed growth and/or to kill weeds that are already there. If you us a preemergent in your beds such as preen or caseron it should be in the ground already or the weeds have a head start.


  1. Prime Sprinkler Systems May is most common month for this.  Get those sprinklers ready for summer! 


  1. Pressure Washing – Clean your house, sidewalks, patios, driveways, gutters, lawn furniture, etc.  Get that layer of winter grime cleaned off.

If you follow this checklist, you will have your yard looking great and ready for BBQ season in no time at all.  Don't have the equipment/time/interest in doing any of these things?  Then just call Aarons Lawn Care!  We will get your yard ship shape for the year.  Our expert team will assess what your yard needs done and get you taken care of.  Check us out at Aaronslawns.com or give us a call at 253-569-3551    

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13 Mar 2016

By Aarons Lawn Care