Today we had the privilege of stopping by and visiting with our favorite Fairy Godmother, Shirley Ritter.  We were able to ask her a few questions about her store and business in general and wanted to share her answers with you below. 

How long in business?

  • Shirley purchased her business 6 years ago from the previous owner.  When she started it was an onine store only and she shipped products from the warehouse location in Tumwater.  2.5 years ago Shirley moved to her current location in Lakewood and opened a retail store in addtion to her onine business.

How did you get started in this business?

  • Shirley spent 40 years as a nurse and decided it was time to retire (from nursing). Although she wasn't looking for a fairy business she found one for sale and thought...that would be cool. In 2010 she went all in and pulled funds from her retirement account to buy The Fairy Store.

How many items are available at The Fairy Store?

  • Over 10,000!!  When Shirley bought the business she remembers having about 25% of the products she has now.  She started with only fairies.  Now...she has fairies and all their friends!
How many countries have you shipped products to?
  • Around 20!  The list is pretty impressive.  Imagine shipping something from Lakewood to Israel.  Shirley has done it!!
What are your top selling products?
  • Wings, fairy dust, gnomes, jewelry and fairy figurines.
What do you love about your business?
  • Shirley said she loves making people happy!  (How awesome is that?)  Shirley packs every box so that when someone opens it they feel like they are getting a gift rather than just a product.
How many people do you employ?
  • 2 Full time and 2 part time
What are your best resources for new clients?
What is best business advice for other business owners?
  • Keep The Faith! If you can do it.  Keep moving on.  If something isn't working just right make changes and keep moving on.
We recommend that you stop into Shirley's store and get to know her better.  She's a pretty amazing lady!!

2202 84th St S
Lakewood, Washington 98499