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Washington Restorer LLC is an established company within the greater Puget Sound area for over 20 years.

With skilled craftsmen’s and office personal, we are able to tackle projects of any size great or small. Our unique family oriented business provides the type of person-to-person service for our customers that other larger companies cannot provide.

We are known for our unique niche of being able to step foot into a home that has been severely damaged by wind, water, or fire and being able to rebuild it back to its physical precondition or better. We pride ourselves on making sure that the needs and satisfactions of our homeowners and their insurance companies are met.

Emergency Water Cleanup

Do you need mold removal or water removal ?  Time is important when the water is spreading and damaging your home or business and its contents. Washington Restorer LLC has well-trained technicians and specialized equipment to stop the damage and begin the water restoration process. Don’t wait another moment! Call us now for emergency water cleanup in Tacoma,Seattle, Snohomish, Olympia and surrounding areas.  We are trained, qualified, certified, licensed professionals that will eliminate the problem and restore your property safely and quickly. Please be sure to call us here 253-754-6965.

Washington Restorer LLC in Fife Wa. offers reasonably-priced water damage repairmold and mildew repair.  Our water remediation is available throughout the Pierce County King County and Thurston County area. Water damage along with mold and mildew can happen to anyone. Mold is an insidious problem, that if not removed properly, under strict safety guidelines, can cause health issues from seemingly minor allergy irritations to serious respiratory illness. Once the damage is assessed, we will proceed with the dry out and assessment of the damage. This includes packing up and securing personal items, professional water extraction using powerful, state-of-the-art equipment, commercial grade de-humidification and air movers to reduce the moisture from the air and building materials, sanitation and odor control. For the best in water removal and mold removal call us anytime.


1402 54th Ave E
Fife, Washington 98424
United States

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